Fan of the simple things with a little room for indulgence. Islander, bilingual, visual thinker & Xennial. Made during the analog 80's, developed through the 90's digital era.

My uncle, a professional VO talent, inspired me to pursue creativity (he doesn't know though). When I realized he was the voice of Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam, I kept asking myself who were the creators behind those ideas. Fifteen years later, with all its ups and downs, I'm still in love with the highly addictive creative process. I've been lucky to have worked on cool/demanding accounts with diversified teams from local to global networks.

As a side project, I embraced my passion for cars by collaborating as an automotive journalist. Learned to pronounce car brands just after my alphabet, so consider me a hard-core car enthusiast. Click here to check my reviews (sorry, only en Español).

Let's talk | michaeldjss@yahoo.com

awards :

Cannes Lions
1x shortlist

Clio Awards
1x bronze
1x shortlist

The One Show
1x merit award
1x shortlist

El Sol Festival
2x bronze
1x finalist

W3 Awards
9x silver

New York Festivals
6x finalist

Webby Awards
2x honorees

Creative Pool Annual
1x silver
1x shortlist

American Advertising Awards
1x best in show
1x best in category
1x judge's choice
8x gold
10x silver

1x finalist

U.S.H. Idea Awards
1x gold
1x shortlist

1x silver
1x bronze
5x shortlist

Davey Awards
2x gold
4x silver

4x gold
7x silver

Telly Awards
2x silver
13x bronze